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dr. weil’s ginger root tea

It is only September and we somehow have been hit with our first cold. My children were the lucky initial recipients. Then, naturally, I feel it coming on…a bit of a sore throat…fatigue…watery itchy eyes….as soon as I ascertain that I am “getting the cold” I whip up a batch of this trusty ginger root tea and I prevent the whole thing from even happening. It’s truly amazing to wake up the next morning feeling like the whole thing is gone. I don’t have permission to reprint such a recipe….but I must say that it is truly amazing…it has never failed me….please see the recipe here. While the entire .pdf is worth reading – because it gives tips on how to treat your entire family during cold season – the recipe itself is listed on page 4. Dr. Weil is a legend. He is trained in Western medicine but utlizes more of an Eastern (holistic) approach to mind and body.  The ingredients are incredibly effective against cold and flu: they are warming, anti-viral foods with a hit of vitamin C thrown in for good measure. Perfect for giving your body an immune boost when it needs it most.


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